About Holden

In business since 1975

Brief History

Holden is one of the leading providers of custom imprinted and branded products. Holden has been satisfying clients with unique branded products for over 40 years. The longevity of our products inspires confidence in our customer base and we take this trust very seriously. We have found that custom Rocketbook notebooks are now ideal promotional items to distribute among customers and prospects. The whole point is to get your name in front of the maximum number of people as frequently as possible. These Rocketbooks are actually something that people routinely use, as many incorporate them into their daily lives. So you are truly getting maximum exposure for your promo-product dollar. On the other hand, if you have some relatively useless item emblazoned with your company information or logo, it will sit in a desk drawer or a closet somewhere collecting dust, never seeing the light of day. Perfect for use in education, business, or induviduals to use and have your logo or design front and center of the cover.

Sustainable Smart Notebooks

Customer Service

Customer service is very important to us, and we will always go the extra mile to make sure that you walk away satisfied. We sincerely want to help our customers succeed, and we recognize the fact that our ongoing success is tied to the success of our clients. Should you be interested in asking questions, simply take a moment to give us a call at (800) 707-9612 or fill in the query form that you will find on our Contact page.

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